C-Vine News – The Truth

A grassroots movement has grown worldwide, of Citizen Journalist Volunteers. We the people, have banded together from all walks of life, to investigate and report the news under the umbrella of a C-VINE Charitable Trust. Linda Forsythe & PIMPY Co-host, report and analyze, what many behind the scene investigators have verified.


Linda is the founder and architect of C-VINE Network. She created this public service platform because of the critical necessity for vetted information that could be "fact checked' by the recipient to prove voracity.  There was no better way to do thIs, than have the citizen volunteers of the world be in charge of vetting the news and educational content, while always providing, "SOURCE"...

Linda created a multi-media platform and systematized the integration of News Releases, Volunteers, Social Media Groups,  and Educational Channels so "We the People" could received trusted but uncensored information.

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